Original Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas 🎄✨

The most awaited season of the year is here, and at Muba Bespoke we are immersing ourselves in the magic of Christmas with you. Discover how to turn the traditional Christmas tree into a unique reflection of your family, full of details and love.

1. Choose between a Natural or Artificial Tree 🌲

The first step is to decide whether you prefer the authenticity of a natural tree or the durability of an artificial one. Whichever you choose, make sure you select the perfect size for the space in your home. Imagine the excitement in the children's room when they wake up to discover presents under the tree!

2. Style that Defines You 🌟

Explore trends that suit your style: Nordic, classic, magical or eco-friendly? Each option has its own unique charm. From rustic elements to vibrant red and white, find the style that lights up your home this holiday season.

  1. Nordic Style: Embrace Nature 🌲🤍

    • Rustic elements such as wood.
    • Ornaments in cool tones such as white, blue or silver balls.
    • White lights for authentic warmth.

  2. Classic Style: Traditional Colours and Cheerfulness 🎅🎄

    • Classic trio: red, green and gold.
    • Lights and golden ribbons.
    • Balls in vibrant shades of green and red.

  3. Magic Style: Colours that Awaken Emotions 🌟❤️

    • Red and white colours for an enchanting magic.
    • White lights and decorations in both colours.
    • An atmosphere that captivates and fills with love.

  4. Eco-Friendly Style: Sustainability with a Creative Touch ♻️🌿

    • Sustainable and environmentally friendly option.
    • Opportunity for creative activities with children.
    • From cardboard tree murals to natural branches.

3. Customise with Creativity 🎨

Looking for something unique? Personalise your Christmas tree in a fun way. From using your children's drawings to incorporating their favourite toys, create a tree full of family memories. Each member can add their own special touch, making it a collective work of art..

4. Decorate Step-by-Step 🎄

Invite your children to take an active part in decorating. Start with lights for enchanting illumination, then add ribbons in an ascending pattern. Distribute the ornaments, starting with the largest and culminating with the star, the perfect icing on the cake for your unique Christmas tree.

At Muba, we believe that Christmas is a time to celebrate the individuality of each family. Beautify your home with children's furniture that complements the festive season and experience the magic of Christmas with us! 🌟🎁

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