How to combine different types of pink in a children's room

The colour pink is no longer just a trend but has become a fundamental element in decoration, especially in children's rooms. This colour palette, which has set the tone for 2023, remains a strong choice for the coming year.

Moreover, the use of pink  is no longer limited to gender-specific shades. 

Interior design experts suggest that the key is to use vibrant shades of pink, combining them with neutral colours to add inspiration and vibrancy to spaces.


Pink with white:

Combining pink with white creates a fresh space, full of energy and vitality. Combining some pink with off-whites gives a warm and welcoming feel to the room.

Pink with Green:

Being opposite colours, pink and green complement each other very well. All shades of both colours can look perfect in a children's bedroom, offering a harmonious combination.

Pink with Blue:

Blue, being a primary colour, combines perfectly with pink. This combination creates an attractive contrast, ideal for a timeless decoration that can be adapted to the growth of the child.

Pink with yellow:

The combination of pink and yellow or copper creates a novel mix that is perfect for children's bedrooms. You can use a pastel pink wall combined with copper, champagne or ochre accents for a modern touch.

When it comes to thinking about a children's bedroom with a pink base, the options are endless and for all tastes. Pink is a versatile colour that balances almost perfectly with any combination, allowing the creation of charming and personalised spaces.