How to Decorate the Children's Room for Christmas

When the cold sets in outside, is there anything better than enjoying the cosy shelter of home? At Muba, we understand the importance of creating magical spaces in children's rooms, especially during the holiday season.

What's your little ones' favourite winter activity? Whether it's immersing themselves in reading, playing non-stop or unleashing their creativity with paintbrushes and colours, our beds are designed to be the perfect canvas where their dreams intertwine with reality.

Magical Children's and Teen's Rooms for Christmas

The magic of the Advent Calendar📆

Children are enchanted by the excitement of Christmas from the first day of the month. To calm their impatience, the enchanting Advent calendar, a German tradition dating back to the 19th century, is born.

The advent calendar offers daily surprises, from candles to small presents. Placing them in the children's room is a charming decoration. Plus, you can personalise your version with DIY ideas.

Calendario de Adviento Navidad Muba

Explore Different Styles! 🌈✨

When you decide to decorate the children's room, don't limit yourself to traditional Christmas ideas and colours - why not dare to explore other trends and shades? Of course, you can opt for duvet covers in red and green, bedspreads decorated with Father Christmas designs and Christmas landscapes. Or, instead of the classic red, green and gold, dive into vibrant colours like pink, orange and purple.

Comfort and Charm 🌟🛌

Imagine your little ones spending whole days in their pyjamas, immersed in the enchantment of their own magical kingdom. Double bunk beds with stairs and drawers in the middle are a great option for shared rooms, as are bunk trains, Loft and L-berths.

The finishing touch? Combine them with our versatile modular desks for one, two or three siblings, strategically attached to the wall to free up generous space for play.

Trees in Mini Format: Christmas Charm in Small Size  🎄✨

The Christmas tree is an essential part of home décor this festive season. If you've already placed a large tree in the living room, why not extend the magic to the children's room and opt for a smaller model?

A mini Christmas tree will delight them. Choose one that they can decorate to their liking with equally small baubles and ornaments. The possibilities are endless for this fun and charming idea. 


This winter, let your little ones immerse themselves in the magic of the season in rooms that reflect their personality and create unforgettable memories. Discover the magic of Muba and make this winter truly enchanting for your loved ones! 🏰🎁