Fresh and very mediterranean IDEAS with Muba Design


It brings light without dazzling. It fills the space with calm, and perhaps, because of its relationship with the sky and the sea, THE BLUE COLOUR invites you to think of summer, free time and eternal hours of enjoyment. Let the space invite you to prolong that feeling all year round.

Choosing classic white for furniture will always be the least risky thing to do, but sometimes following trends brings us unexpected joys. Ocean and Caribe are our most Mediterranean colours, perfect for a long-lasting youthful space.

Did you think that with the choice of colour you had it all done?

At Muba we know that spaces are not always as big as we would like them to be, that's why we work TO MEASURE. You give us the measurements and we will make you a project without obligation (Free Design for professionals). Sometimes, a trundle bed is the most suitable; other times, you can propose a loft bed, a bunk bed or even a loft bed full of drawers for storage. Whatever you are looking for, we have it.