Transforming Teen Rooms in 2023 with technology

Teenage bedroom design in 2023 is an exciting process that involves not only changes in décor, but also the integration of technology and the personal tastes of young people. In the digital age we live in, it is essential to create a space that reflects their interests and needs, allowing them to explore their identity in a creative and comfortable way.

In this article, we will explore how to design youth bedrooms that combine style, functionality and the seamless integration of technology that is so central to young people's lives today.

Choice of Furniture and Colours:

The choice of furniture and colours is critical to capturing the essence of the teenager's style. Opting for versatile, quality furniture will ensure that the space grows with them. Colours can range from soft, neutral tones to bolder, more vibrant palettes, depending on their preferences.

Whether you have a large space or a small room, your child will want to listen to music, study, watch Netflix or chat from the bed. The bed will have multiple functions and not just sleep. At Muba you can find a wide variety of youth beds, compact beds and bunk beds that will fit perfectly in their new room.

Technology as a Creative Tool in Teen Rooms:

Technology has opened up a world of creative possibilities in room decoration. From digital murals to interactive projections, walls have become digital canvases on which children and young people can express their style and personality. Decorative vinyls have given way to projectors that transform a room with changing images and virtual scenarios.

Integrating Technology:

Technology is an integral part of young people's modern lives. Tablets and mobile phones are essential tools in their day-to-day lives, used for entertainment, communication and study. Incorporating charging stations, desks with plug/usb access and organisers for electronic devices ensures they are connected at all times. In addition, consider installing dimmable lights and sound systems to create a welcoming environment.

You can also think ahead and turn a youth room into a smart room, which requires gadgets such as a virtual assistant. The device in which the virtual assistant is integrated (Alexa or Siri) will depend on your tastes.

Study and Creativity Zone:

A dedicated area for study and creativity is essential. A youthful desk with space for your laptop and school supplies will encourage productivity. Cork panels or magnetic boards on the wall will provide space for notes and artistic expression.

Space for Digital Creativity:

Young people are constantly connected to digital creativity through platforms such as TikTok, Twitch, YouTube or Instagram. If you have large rooms, consider dedicating a corner of the room for them to create content, play games or choreograph choreographies. A suitable backdrop and good lighting are ideal for this. A comfortable chair and a phone or camera stand can be useful for their online creativity.

Balance between Technology and Nature:

Despite the technological influence, it is essential to maintain a balance with nature and analogue creativity. The decoration can include natural elements such as plants and sustainable materials, creating a harmonious environment that encourages calm and connection with the environment. That's why our furniture is eco-friendly.

Multimedia Entertainment Zone:

Young people are looking for places to relax and be entertained. We suggest different options:

  • Create a cosy corner with cushions and pillows where they can read, listen to music or enjoy their favourite online content.
  • A small space for board games or video games can also be a great idea.
  • Consider modular furniture that can be adapted to different configurations according to their needs. Whether they have gaming interests with desktop computers, playstation/ x-box or want to relax watching youtube or listening to spotify in bed.
  • Smart Storage Space in teen bedrooms:

    Clutter can be a challenge in youth bedrooms. Integrating smart storage solutions, such as modular shelving, under-bed drawers or beds with built-in storage, will keep the space organised and functional.

    Reflecting Individual Tastes in their teen rooms:

    Room décor should reflect young people's individual tastes and identity. Incorporate items on modular shelves that represent their passions and hobbies. You can opt for cushions with modern prints, rugs in colours they like, or even modular furniture that suits their lifestyle. This personalisation not only makes the room unique, but also creates an environment in which they feel comfortable and happy.


    Designing a youth bedroom goes beyond simply choosing furniture and colours. It's about creating a space that celebrates the teenager's individuality and gives them a place where they can be themselves.  

    We experienced during the COVID instance that many young people had to stay at home and the bedroom was their world. Integrating technology in a smart way and offering study, entertainment and relaxation areas ensures that the bedroom adapts to their changing needs.  

    At Muba we help you with the careful choice of furniture and the incorporation of personal elements, to create a haven where young people can explore, create and relax while shaping their evolving identity.