Tips for choosing a trundle bed in children's bedrooms

Are you considering a trundle bed for your child's room? Trundle beds are a versatile and functional option for optimising space and providing a comfortable sleeping solution for your little ones.

In this article, we'll explore how to choose the perfect trundle bed for your child, taking into account factors such as the space available, the style of the room and your child's individual needs. But first, do you know what a By Muba Bespoke trundle bed is? Welcome to one of Europe's premium children's furniture shops where the best trundle beds are made.


A trundle bed is a type of bed that consists of two single beds placed one underneath the other. The upper bed is visible and accessible at all times, while the lower bed (the "trundle") is hidden underneath and can be slid out when necessary.

The trundle beds are mounted on rails, wheels or castors to make pulling out the extra bed child's play. The mattress sits on slats, so you don't have to worry about buying an additional bed base. Although most classically seen in twin beds, almost any bed can be converted into a trundle bed: bunk beds, day beds, twin beds, wherever the trundle bed fits.

This clever design makes the best use of space, as the extra bed is stored compactly when not in use - it's like having two beds taking up the space of one!

Trundle beds are especially popular in children's rooms where space is limited but an extra bed is needed occasionally.

Why do I need a trundle bed?

If you have two children and a compact flat or you are an interior designer carrying out a renovation, the need for a trundle bed is quite obvious. The popularity of this style is easy to guess given the number of trundle bed designs available. It gives you plenty of room in the room during the day for your kids to play and, at night, just pull out the lower bed and their beds are ready.

But do you need a trundle bed for a single child?

Yes, you do.

If your child wants to sleep over with a friend, you should have enough space for the two of you to sleep together. Of course, you can put a couple of mattresses on the floor. But where are you going to store those mattresses when you're not using them? And mattresses on the floor don't look very nice, do they?

Having a trundle bed gives you the option of using just the main bed on a daily basis, and when you need an extra bed, all you have to do is pull out the lower bed.

mobile trundle bed by Muba Bespoke

How to choose the ideal trundle bed?

When you search for a trundle bed on the Internet, you will see hundreds of trundle bed designs. Like other beds, they vary in size, style and much more. So, when buying trundle beds in Madrid, or whether you are in France, Germany, Uk, etc, you should keep the following in mind:

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Trundle Bed

1. Evaluate the space available:

If you have the opportunity, prioritise having a minimum space in front of the furniture of about 120 cm, so that the bed can be unfolded and there is still about 40 cm left to pass through without difficulty.

2. Ideal measurements for a trundle bed:

There are trundle beds of 190 and 200 cm in length, and 90, 105 and 120 cm in width. The most common models are 90 cm wide for the main bed and 80 cm for the lower one.

One aspect you should take into account, in terms of measurements, is the height of the mattress of the secondary bed, all our trundle beds require a mattress 15 cm deep or less.

The Kids Trundle Bed has two height options. A 73.5cm high headboard and 49cm high footboard, or a 73.5cm high headboard and footboard. Length and width 10cm more than the mattress measurement.

3. Decide which type of trundle bed is best suited:

Consider whether you prefer a trundle bed with a second mattress or one with built-in drawers for extra storage.

4. Think about storage options if needed:

We have one trundle drawer, three drawers or two boxes on wheels.

mobile trundle bed

5. Consider the design detail, material and finish of the bed.
Trundle beds are available in various styles, from contemporary to classic designs. At Muba we design timeless trundle beds so that they can be used for every design and never go out of fashion.

The most commonly used materials are melamine and solid wood. We use the best material on the market because we have high safety and construction quality standards.  

6. Coordinate the style and design with the room:

Contact interior designers or decorators who propose design ideas based on your child's tastes or what you want.
We give you different options to make your choice easy. You can choose different colours for the trundle bed with headboard and footboard to match the aesthetics of the room.

7. Make sure the mattress is of high quality.

In summary,
choosing a trundle bed is an excellent option when you are looking to optimise space, maintain functionality and offer a comfortable solution both for daily rest and for accommodating visitors. At Muba we have been manufacturing children's furniture for 40 years with long-term durability in mind.