L-shaped children's beds

L-shaped beds are ideal for making children's and teenagers' rooms more spacious. They are perfect for a small space, they encourage conversation at night, and they will love going to bed.

Our beds have a lot of storage, the drawers occupy the entire bottom of the bed, the low trundle can have extra drawers or as in this case a pop up bed for their best friends. As they are attached to the wall they leave space to play in the centre of the room, the play of heights is great fun for the children, we also put wheels on the low nest to be able to move it and access the drawers of the Block XL.

In this project we have combined the colour White and Bluejeans, a very bright and cool combination. You can hang some personalised boxes with their names, to put stories, water, their favourite cuddly toy or a Kindle for the older ones. They are independent beds and can be separated and changed so that each sibling can later have their own room 👦🏻👦🏻