Share children's and youth room

The fact that siblings share a room helps to enrich a very special affective bond. Sometimes it is by choice of the parents and in other cases because there is no other option, the space is what it is and it is time to share a bedroom.

It is a beautiful way to grow and unite ties between siblings, as well as being a very positive situation that promotes coexistence and in which children learn many values.

Some of the benefits of sharing a room:

  1. It favors the links between them, sharing a room gives the opportunity to share experiences and confidences. The bond between them is strengthened, between games and laughter, the affective bond between brothers grows.
  2. It is a great learning in regards to coexistence, respecting the other, their space, sleep rhythms,... it favors the learning of conflict resolution.
  3. It is more fun to go to bed, and this moment becomes much more bearable for the little ones when they share a room. Reading stories, made up stories, tickling, playing with flashlights or shining stars, everything shared is much better and feeling accompanied makes sleep more relaxing.

If it is important that each one have their space for clothes, toys, books and respect a certain autonomy and privacy, as they grow they will want and need more privacy. In preadolescence, it begins to be recommended, if possible, that they have their own space, since at this age they feel a need for individuality that helps them develop their own identity.