The 5 essential beds in a teenager's bedroom

Your little one is growing up... It's time to transform your child's bedroom into a teenager's bedroom!  Find in this article the 5 essential types of beds for a youth bedroom: the single bed, trundle bed, sofa bed, loft bed, and semi-height bed.

The Bed: the Essential Element

Single bed or double bed?

When configuring a teenage bedroom, you can choose between a single bed or a double bed.

If space in the teenage bedroom is limited, we recommend opting for a single bed with integrated storage options, such as shelves or a drawer underneath to store clothes and bedding. However, if the room is spacious, you can definitely consider a double bed.

The chosen bed should be sturdy and complement the teenage bedroom decor. You can choose the style and color you prefer, although a solid white wood juvenile bed is a versatile option that suits various decor styles.

Single bed for children's rooms


To complete the teenage bedroom, add bedding and cushions made from soft and natural materials such as cotton and organic linen. 

If you can't agree with your teenager on the bed size, consider compromising with a 120x200 bed. This will provide generous space without taking up too much room in the bedroom.

Loft Bed for Teenager

The loft bed is a favorite choice among teenagers as it allows for efficient use of space. You can add a desk and shelves underneath the bed to create a study area, or a sofa and coffee table to offer a relaxation space.

Loft Bed for Youth Bedrooms

Mid-height Loft Beds

Mid-sleepers beds are an excellent option for optimizing space in youth bedrooms. Elevated enough to create a storage or play area underneath, these beds offer versatility and functionality.

Semi High Bed

Children's Sofa Bed 

You can also consider furnishing your teenager's bedroom with a sofa bed. This type of furniture is ideal for entertaining friends during the day and providing a comfortable sleeping option at night. Additionally, it can be useful in a guest bedroom or playroom.

Children's Sofa Bed

Trundle Bed

The trundle bed is another practical option that provides an additional bed hidden underneath the main one. You have the choice with or without wheels. This type of bed is especially useful for inviting friends to sleep over at home.

Regardless of the choice you make, make sure the selected bed meets the needs and preferences of your teenager, offering comfort and functionality in their youth bedroom.

Trundle bed for girls and boys

Trundle bed with drawers

Trundle bed with drawers is the perfect solution to maximize storage space in small rooms. With integrated drawers under the main bed, they offer a convenient way to organize bedding, toys, or other items. In addition to their functionality, these beds also provide an additional option to accommodate guests comfortably without taking up extra space in the room.

Trundle bed with drawers for teenagers

Mobile Day Beds

Day Beds Mobile offer unique flexibility in bedroom design. With built-in wheels, these beds can easily slide to accommodate different room configurations or space needs. Perfect for shared rooms or for creating temporary play areas, mobile trundle beds provide comfort and versatility without compromising the style or functionality of the bedroom.

Mobile Trundle Bed for Children

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