How to organize a children's room with a loft bed?

With their distinctive height structure, Loft Beds stand out as a versatile solution for maximizing space and adding a decorative touch to any bedroom. This option, which has long been a classic in children's rooms, can also elegantly fit into the decoration of a teenager's room.

In this article, we will explore the best tips for setting up a bedroom with a loft bed, from design options to suggestions for maximizing storage space. 

Loft beds for girls' rooms

"How can the space under the loft bed be organized?"

If the loft bed is in the children's or teenager's room, it creates maximum space that can be optimally utilized. Here are some suggestions to make the most out of the height of your ceiling.

Maximizing storage: The loft bed is an excellent option if you have generous room height. You can install shelves under the bed to create additional storage space and decorate the room. Choose neutral tones such as white or wood to achieve an elegant look. At Muba, we offer you a choice of 18 premium colors.

Set up a workspace: Another interesting option is setting up a workspace under the loft bed. This can be useful for homework or creative activities. Transform this space under the roof into a cozier corner by installing a curtain. Consider adding a desk and a comfortable chair to create a functional and attractive workspace.

Setting up a play area: An elevated sleeping area in a child's room offers various design possibilities. A common idea is to create a play area below the bed area. You can delineate this area on the floor with a rug and use some boxes to organize your children's toys.

Loft bed with desk

Furnish the bedroom with a loft bed for children with an integrated desk.

The loft bed with an integrated desk is a versatile piece of furniture that provides both a workspace and a comfortable sleeping area in one place. By maximizing the use of space under the roof, it creates a functional corner for studying and working in the room. This type of loft bed is ideal for both young children and teenagers.

The loft bed from Muba with an integrated desk will be a perfect companion for your child's growth. The desk is designed to accommodate children of different ages, with the right height so even a taller child can work comfortably.

For the little ones, simply place a desk chair to elevate them. Of course, you can also integrate a bed underneath, perfect for accommodating another child in the room.

Loft bed with shelves and desk

What lighting should one choose for a bedroom with a loft bed?

The mezzanine and the space underneath are characterized by less natural light compared to the rest of the room, highlighting the importance of choosing the right lighting.

Opting for dimmed lighting in a bedroom with a loft bed can result in the space between the ceiling and the bed not being sufficiently illuminated, making activities such as reading in bed difficult. However, it is important to avoid hanging lamps that could cause accidents or are unsuitable for a child's sleeping area.

To ensure adequate lighting and create an inviting atmosphere, it is recommended to use ambient lights. Distribute them at three strategic points in the room: on the ceiling, at mid-height, and at ground level.

Additionally, you can use mirrors, which have the ability to reflect light and add an extra decorative accent to the room. Consider also integrating LED lights under the mezzanine, such as LED strips, to provide functional and aesthetic lighting.

At Muba, you will find the decoration that best suits your preferences and needs. We hope that this article has inspired you to learn how to organize a bedroom with a loft bed. We hope you browse through our store.