Pets and Children: Does your child sleep with their pet

There is no sweeter sight than that of a child and their pet taking a nap, enveloped in the tenderness of a unique friendship. The connection between a little one and their furry friend is a heartwarming scene that melts hearts and reminds us of the purity and loyalty that pets can offer.

But one must ask: Is it advisable for the pet to share the bed with your child, or is it fine for them to stay in the room?"

Girl Sleeping with Her Pet

Sleeping with Pets in Bed: When You Can and When You Shouldn't

Various studies from Sleep Health journal  or Concordia University in Montreal link the quality of children's sleep with their pets and suggest a positive correlation. However, the reality is lived through personal experience. 

In our team, some of us consider that a dog bed next to the children's bed can be a good option, while others allow them to share a nap in the same bed.

What we have truly realized, and you may have experienced or will experience, is that when our children leave home and have a cat or a dog, the cat becomes the owner of the new house and decides where to sleep, while dogs often end up sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Benefits of Having Pets and Children Share the Bed

The coexistence of children and pets at bedtime can have certain benefits, although it is important to note that it is not essential for a child to share their bed with a pet. While this practice can have positive aspects, the decision to allow it should be made with caution.

Some benefits of allowing your child to share the bed with their pet include:

  1. Sense of Company and Security: The presence of the pet provides the child with a sense of company, contributing to a feeling of security in their room.

  2. Reduction of Stress and Anxiety: Interaction with the pet can help reduce stress and anxiety levels in the child.

  3. Improved Mood: The companionship of the pet can have a positive impact on the child's mood, providing emotional comfort.

  4. Facilitates Quick Sleep Onset: The presence of the pet can create a comforting environment, helping the child to fall asleep more quickly.

  5. Increased Sleep Quality: Sleeping alongside the pet can contribute to better rest, improving the child's sleep quality.

  6. Development of Responsibility: Sharing the bed with a pet can foster responsibility in the child as they become involved in the care of another living being.

When Children Shouldn't Sleep with the Dog or Cat

Although it's tempting to think of children sharing the bed with their beloved pets, it's essential to carefully examine the implications of this practice.

Let's explore some key aspects that should be considered:

  • Allergens: Allergens present in dogs and cats can trigger reactions such as skin itching or asthma.

  • Disease Transmission: Pets, being exposed to germs or lacking vaccinations, can transmit diseases to children.

  • Sleep Disturbance: During sleep, pets can disrupt the child's quality of rest with noise and movement.

  • Accidental Harm: There is a possibility of accidental harm caused by the pet.

  • Violent Reactions: Violent reactions, such as biting or scratching, are a risk, especially if the pet is startled by the child's movements.

  • Undesirable Habits: Allowing the pet to share the bed can reinforce undesirable habits that are difficult to correct.


En última instancia, permitir que las mascotas y los niños compartan el espacio para dormir puede ser una experiencia maravillosa, siempre y cuando la decisión se tome de manera informada y se analicen cuidadosamente tanto los beneficios como los posibles riesgos.

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Trundle Bed for sharing with Pets