How to Choose The Best Kids' Desks for Back to School?

Back to school is an exciting time for kids and their parents. Preparing the right atmosphere at home is essential to ensure a good start to the new school year. Many websites start from ideals, without considering space or economic resources. And to this, we must add that we are in the real world where there are multiple distractions: mobile, play, work, weather, etc...

In this article, we will tell you from our perspective as mothers and children's furniture shop, how to choose desks for back to school, why you should consider buying one and ways to make the most of this important piece of furniture in your children's room.


If you want to buy a desk for a child, forget the typical recommendations that you have to have natural light to improve learning.

Wait, "it's ideal and essential for studying", but children come home from school in the afternoon or evening and what little natural light they will see at weekends. Remember that if you have children you may need to help them on those days or they may want to play. For this reason, lamps or artificial lights will be your ally.

In this context, the solution you choose will last for many years, possibly even until you enter university. Therefore, it is advisable to invest in a customised desk that makes the most of space and irregular walls.


1- Under the window: In most youth rooms, it is common to place the desk under the window, as this space receives the most natural light.

2- Desk with Sidelight: Recommended to avoid distractions from outside and so that the sun doesn't affect your eyesight, which is quite uncomfortable when you have glasses!

4- In a Quiet Corner: If you have space and if it is a place with little traffic, it is a good option.

5- Desk under the bed: This is an excellent option for many of our clients, as it is aesthetic, saves space and maximises storage.


There are straight desks, corner desks and mobile desks. Straight desks are usually the most comfortable to use and are what we specialise in.

You can find 3 types in our desks catalogue:

1- Desk without drawers

2- Study table with drawer unit

3- Study table with low drawer unit


Place the desk near shelves or cupboards so that school supplies are within easy reach. This prevents them from being distracted by getting up to look for tools for their homework.

The tools may vary depending on the grade and level of learning, but whatever they need, whether it's colours, calculators, markers, pencils... everything needs to be close at hand. You can opt for our models of desks with drawers or our made-to-measure shelving.


By the window: Placing the desk near a window provides adequate lighting and an inspiring view. You can put up a blind, so you can pull it down when you need to concentrate.

Options for spaces without natural light: If your child's room doesn't have access to natural light, here are some options to adequately illuminate the desk:

1- Desk Lamps: Opt for desk lamps with dimmable LED light. These lamps provide bright, adjustable light that simulates natural light.

2- Mood Lights: Place soft mood lights in the room to create a cosy atmosphere. Combine these lights with a desk lamp for balanced lighting.

3- Reflective Walls: Painting the walls with light colours and using mirrors strategically can help reflect existing light and make the room appear brighter.


We recommend that there are the necessary sockets near the study tables. Sockets or USB sockets to make it easier to connect lamps or notebooks.


The recommended height range for desks is: between 70 and 79 cm high. It is important that the height is within this range for ergonomic reasons. The depth should be more than 58 cm, in order to provide enough space for a book or a computer.

Our desks are 74 cm high and 63 cm deep, while you can customise the length. All you add is comfort and you will have room to install a chest of drawers.


  • Quality and Durability: Our desks are made of high quality wood, which guarantees a long service life. You won't have to worry about replacing them year after year.
  • Customisation: You have 19 colour options to customise your desk. Just give us your desired length and we'll take care of the rest.
  • Stylish Design: Muba desks are elegant and fit in perfectly with any style of décor.
  • Storage Space: Some of our models feature drawers and shelves, making it easy to store books and school supplies, keeping everything tidy and accessible.

    With these tips, you can create an ideal study corner for your children, which will help them stay focused, organised and motivated during their study time and homework.

    At Muba, we are committed to providing the best furniture for kids - discover our youth desks and enhance your child's study space!

    Back to school has never been more exciting and productive than with Muba, make this school year a success with our quality products!