How to Make a aesthetic Barbie Room: Barbiecore Aesthetic

Welcome to the magical world of Barbie, where elegance meets fun. In this article, you'll discover how to transform your little girl's room into a real Barbie pink dream. From the walls to the furniture and decorative details, we'll guide you through every step to create an aesthetic space that any little girl would adore.

How to incorporate the Barbiecore aesthetic into a girls' room?

According to a study carried out by the consultancy Lirogo Digital on mothers and girls aged 7 to 15 in Europe and Latin America, a Barbie Aesthetic room should have:

1- Strips of coloured LED lights

2- Walls in pink or pastel tones

3- Pretty pink or Fuchsia coloured furniture.

4- Decoration with plants

5- Space for dolls

6- Containers to store make-up

It is important to note that among girls over 10 years old, the name "Aesthetic" and the importance of LED lights, plant decoration and pastel/pink tones, which are trends in TikTok, predominated. While in the younger ones, the storage space for dolls and mirrors stood out. They all agreed on the essentials of pastels and pinks, make-up and children's furniture for their ideal room.

Let's unravel a little more of this world, to find out if it is just a fashion or a trend and discover how we can transform the girls' bedroom in Barbie style.

Barbiecore: The Coming Back Trend

Barbiecore is the trend that is taking the decorating world by storm. It's all about creating an environment reminiscent of the iconic Barbie doll, using bold and cheerful pink tones. From the walls to the decorative objects, pink is the protagonist, offering a charming and stylish environment.

Information shared by Pinterest in this regard shows that there was an 1135% increase in searches for "Barbie bedroom aesthetic" from May 2022 to May 2023. And since the release of the Barbie movie it grew even more.

Furniture with Style and Charm

Look for furniture in shades of pink, such as a canopy bed or a headboard upholstered in pink fabric. Pair these with white or gold bedside tables and dressing tables for an elegant contrast. You can also add chairs and sofas in shades of pink to create seating and lounging areas.

"True beauty comes from within, but pretty furniture doesn't hurt".

Walls in Pink

Walls are the canvas for your Barbiecore creation. Opt for soft pink or pastel shades to create a warm, feminine base. You can paint all the walls or choose one as the focal point. This 2023 pink goes double as Pantone named Viva Magenta as the colour of the year.

Want a sophisticated touch? Add wallpaper with floral motifs or heart prints in shades of pink.

Extra Shelves and Cupboards

Details are crucial to achieve an authentic Barbie decor. Make sure you have enough storage space to store all your Barbie accessories. Also to contribute to the tidiness and organisation of your dressing room a bookshelf will optimise the space a lot more and also give a beautiful finish.

And if you don't have Barbie dolls yet, Anna, Elsa or some cuddly toys won't be upset about their new home =) . When they get older you can put up pictures of Taylor Swift or their favourite artist/sport.

Magical Decorative Details

Details make all the difference in the room. Decorate with cushions and pillows printed with hearts, flowers or Barbie's iconic silhouette. Drape curtains in shades of pink and add ribbons or bows to enhance the delicate feel. Or hang ornately framed mirrors in shades of pink for a touch of glamour.

Dreamy Lighting

The right lighting is essential in the Aesthetic style. Choose smaller ones and opt for night lights in shades of pink to create a magical ambience. Soft, warm lights will help to complete the fairytale atmosphere.

For the larger ones, opt for LED lights in the room.

How to Have a Barbie Style Girl's Room: 5 Tips

1. Go all in with Pink: Flood your decor with pink, but dare to combine it with other colours such as blue, yellow or green for an eclectic Barbiecore style.

2. Play with Vintage and Modern Style: Our furniture is timeless and will never go out of style. You can combine them with vintage lamps or chairs, for a classic touch that harks back to Barbie's origins. You can also add colourful LED lights that will add a modern touch to your room.

3. Barbie Themed Decor: Get out your collectible Barbies and tell them the story of growing up with a Barbiecore themed decor.

4. Barbie Bedding Sets: There are sheets, pillowcases, cushions and a wide range of products to give the room a Barbie deco.

5. Leisure and Relaxation Spaces: Create reading nooks and crannies with a study table and stay organised with modules for Barbieland perfection.

In short, transforming your daughter's room into a Barbie-style paradise is an exciting and creative experience that will make her feel like a real princess. At Muba, we hope you've taken note of our deco tips to bring you a little closer to that world of fantasy and decoration.

We are here to help you find the perfect furniture and accessories to achieve this. Celebrate your daughter's individuality and imagination by creating a space that reflects her unique personality - visit us and make this princess dream come true today!