10 Advantages of Trundle Beds in Kids' Rooms

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Whether you live in Europe (Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, etc) or in America, you will surely feel identified as a mother or designer.

We have talked in a previous article about tips for choosing the perfect trundle bed. This time, we will dive into the advantages of trundle beds. These versatile and functional beds have won acclaim from families and professionals alike, and here we'll show you why they're a smart choice for parents and grandparents alike.

But first we need to differentiate a trundle bed from a trundle bed with wheels to understand when to use them.


The answer is yes. Of course it does not apply in 100% of cases, but generally in Spain or in Latin American countries a trundle bed with wheels is bought for use in a room shared by siblings. First years can take advantage of the advantages of a trundle bed without having to build or move.

In cities such as London, Paris or New York where flats are small, trundle beds are used to maximise space and for friends of the children to sleep over. Whereas in Germany, Switzerland or Austria, houses are larger than in other European countries and the concept of having a space to share time with the child, read books or invite friends over is more important.


When to use a trundle bed:

  1. Fixed Space: If you have a fixed space and don't need to move the bed frequently, a static trundle bed may be the right choice. These beds are ideal for rooms where frequent rearrangement is not required.
  2. Stability: Static trundle beds tend to be more stable than beds with wheels, which can be important if children move around a lot while sleeping.
  3. Decor Style: If you want a bed that blends seamlessly with the decor style of the room without the need for mobility, a static trundle bed may be the right choice.

Use a Trundle Bed on Wheels:

  1. Space Flexibility: If you need to frequently rearrange the space in the room or use the bed in different areas, a trundle bed on wheels is an excellent option. They offer greater mobility and versatility.
  2. Easy Cleaning: If you value ease of cleaning and the ability to easily access areas underneath the bed, trundle beds with wheels are ideal for this function.
  3. Dual Use: If you want to use the bed as a sofa or armchair during the day, our trundle beds on castors are designed for this purpose, which can be beneficial in small spaces or multifunctional rooms.
  4. Guest Option: If you plan to host guests on a regular basis and want the ability to join two twin beds together to create a double bed temporarily, a trundle bed on wheels offering this option can be a practical choice.

Both options have their advantages, and are excellent, the decision should be based on how they best fit your lifestyle and interior design requirements.


1. Space saving: Trundle beds are ideal for small or shared rooms. The lower bed is stored underneath the main bed, allowing for efficient use of space during the day.

Sharing Time with Children: Moms and dads love to read stories with their children and share quality time together. In the mobile nest it is ideal to lie on the bed next to each other and tell stories.

Perfect bed for inviting friends over: Children often invite their friends over for sleepovers and as they get older, sleepovers are common. You don't have to have extra mattresses which is a plus.

4. Share a room with siblings
: If you have two or more children, trundle beds are ideal for them to sleep together without taking up too much space.

5. Easy for mums:
Mums don't have to worry about their little friend sleeping over. With the mobile trundle bed, you don't have to bend down, pull out the bed and lift it up like in the normal trundle bed. The bed is always made!

6. Extra storage: Trundle beds with drawers offer the possibility to store clothes, toys, sheets, etc. For children, having a trundle bed can also be a way to learn about the responsibility of storing and keeping their space tidy.

7. Cost-effectiveness
: Compared to buying two single beds separately, trundle beds are often a cheaper option, making them a cost-effective solution. It also ensures that the investment in a trundle bed will be long-lasting, as it will adapt to your children's growth.

8. Perfect for the elderly: The trundle bed provides a versatile solution for accommodating elderly people when they visit their grandchildren. You avoid the stairs of bunk beds and make it easier for them to go to bed or get up in the middle of the night.

9. Style and Versatility
: Trundle beds are available in a wide variety of colours and designs to suit any room decor. Their compact and practical design makes them ideal for children's or teenagers' bedrooms, as they can be used as a sofa during the day and a bed at night. This allows you to customise the look of the room according to your taste.

10. Method of transition from cot to bed
: For some parents, trundle beds are an excellent choice as a transition from cot to big bed, as they are comfortable, temporary and small in size, making the transition easier without causing insomnia.

Extra Advantage: Many grandfathers and grandmothers are often professionals and can count on an extra room in their homes. And for when they welcome grandchildren it is better to have a trundle bed that serves as a daybed vs. a sofa bed in the bedroom.

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