Discover the top kids bedroom trends for autumn 2023

This autumn, the trend in children's bedroom décor for girls has been influenced by a timeless icon: Barbie. The Barbie-inspired colour palette is at the heart of this trend. Shades of pink, white and gold dominate the colour scheme. Canopy beds steal the show in these Barbie rooms.

While in the case of the boys' room or those girls who are not Barbie fans, choosing children's furniture in autumnal colours is an excellent option. Children's furniture is not only meant to look good during the autumn season, but can also stay relevant and attractive all year round.

It should be noted that in 2023-2024 sustainability becomes a necessary trend in decoration, seeking to generate less impact on the environment. At Muba we design sustainable furniture with European certification to do our bit for the environment.

The colours of the beds and shelves play a crucial role in creating a cosy and stylish atmosphere in the children's room. Consider that during the autumn season there are more rainy days and children spend more time at home. So, here are a few ideas for on-trend colours and designs:


1. Beds in Earth Tones: 

Opt for beds or bunk beds in earth tones, such as stone, offwthite or palm green. These colours bring warmth and echo the natural colours of autumn. Combined with bed linen in soft tones, they create a relaxing atmosphere. You can find out more about our colours by downloading our catalogue.

2. Neutral Shaded Shelving:

Shelves in neutral colours, such as offwhite or sand, provide a versatile canvas for displaying your children's treasures. Plus, these tones go well with any colour scheme and allow the objects and toys on the shelves to stand out.

3. Vibrant Colours: 

While earth tones and neutrals are ideal for the base of the room, consider adding touches of vibrant colours such as our lemon pie, truffle or jamaica. These colours can be incorporated into cushions, curtains or decorative elements to liven up the room.

4. Autumnal Colour Schemes:

Explore autumn-inspired colour combinations such as eucalyptus with terracotta tones or deep malibu with gold accents. These combinations evoke the season's colour palette and add an autumnal charm.

5. Themed prints: 

If your children have a particular theme of interest, such as dinosaurs, Marvel characters, princess stories or youtubers, you can incorporate themed prints on beds or pillowcases. This will add a playful and personalised touch to the décor.

    6. Natural wood: 

    If you prefer a more organic approach, natural wood beds and shelves are an excellent choice. At Muba we design furniture in wood as it brings warmth and character to the room and fits in perfectly with the autumn colour palette.

    7. Colour Contrasts: 

    For a modern touch, consider using colour contrasts, such as white beds and shelves with moss coloured accents or vice versa. These contrasts add a contemporary and attractive look to the room.


    And what happens when autumn is over you might ask, the idea is not to throw out the furniture and buy new ones.

    • Timeless Versatility in Children's Furniture: Autumn colours, such as earth tones and neutrals, are versatile and timeless just like our concept in making children's furniture. They are not tied to a single season and are easily adaptable to any time of the year. This means you don't have to worry about changing the room's décor with every change of season.
    • Classic Style: Autumnal colours, such as brown, grey and olive green, are known to be classic and sophisticated colours. This classic style stands the test of time and does not go out of fashion easily. You can be sure that the choice of these colours will remain stylish for years to come. If you want to know the variety of premium colours we have we invite you to see our note on best colours for children's rooms.

    • Matching with Accessories: The beauty of autumnal colours lies in their ability to serve as a backdrop. You can combine them with seasonal accessories to add a fresh touch to the room in spring, summer or winter. Add cushions, blankets or themed décor accordingly.
    • Changing accessories: If you want to give the room a fresh look without replacing entire pieces of furniture, simply change accessories, alter cushions, boots, curtains, bedside tables, bedding or decorative objects to create a fresh, seasonal feel without altering the colour base of the room.
    • Durability and Quality: By choosing high quality Muba beds and shelves in autumnal colours, you will ensure their long-term durability. We have been making well-built furniture for 40 years that will stand the test of time and remain functional and attractive for many years to come.

    In short, beds and shelves in autumnal colours by Muba offer a durable and versatile style that adapts to all seasons. By combining them with the right accessories and our furniture, you can enjoy a children's room with a charming aesthetic all year round.