Tatami with drawers and guides

Mattress dimensions:
Choose your favorite color, contact us, and we will design a personalized 3D model for you.

Tatami bed with drawers. Customisation options in colours and sizes. Design unique bedrooms for children and teenagers.

Materials: The skeleton of the bed is in solid beech wood, the panels are in excellent quality MDF lacquered on all sides.


  • 101 x 200 x h38 cm (for mattress 90x190)
  • 101 x 210 x h38 cm (for mattress 90x200)
  • 116 x 200 x h38 cm (for mattress 105x190)
  • 116 x 210 x h38 cm (for mattress 105x200)
  • 131 x 200 x h38 cm (for mattress 120x190)
  • 131 x 210 x h38 cm (for mattress 120x200)

- Mattress not included

The tatami bed comes only in the "Liso" model.

STEP 1: In case the product has the 3D button - "Click on the button"

(it usually takes a few seconds, good things come to those who wait!).

STEP 2: Play with colors and designs.

STEP 3:The 3D design tool is in Spanish, but it is very intuitive. The translations of the main items are:

  • Estructura = Structure
  • Frente = Front
  • Tirador = Handle

STEP 4: You can click on the hamburger button (the three lines) and select PDF to download the created image and share it with your family or interior designer.

STEP 5: Choose the model, size, and color on the product tab and click Add to Cart (to purchase directly if you live in Spain).

Or you can contact us for a quote on the furniture via chat, email, phone, or Whatsapp.

If you live in Madrid, come and visit us!


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