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Elevate the magic of your child's room with our Removable Canopy designed especially for nests, compact beds, bunk beds and lofts. Add charm and versatility to their dream space while providing a cosy and creative retreat. Our canopies are not only unique decorative elements, but also settings for imagination and play.

  • Compatibility: Designed for nests, compact beds, bunk beds and lofts, this canopy adapts perfectly to different types of beds, transforming every corner into a magical and special environment.
  • Simple Installation: Easy to install and remove, our canopy fits comfortably and allows for changes in decoration and layout as needed. It makes cleaning and maintenance easy, keeping the space fresh and enchanting.
  • Quality Materials: Made with sturdy and safe materials, we guarantee durability and safety for your children as they enjoy their creative retreat.
  • Stimulate Imagination: More than just a simple accessory, our canopy becomes a space for your children to explore their dreams and unleash their creativity.

Once the customer accepts the product, it is considered to be in perfect condition. If there is any incident during delivery, such as a missing package or damaged furniture, it must be noted on the delivery note to be attended to and communicated to the company within a maximum period of 72 hours after receipt.

Any incidents, doubts, or problems during installation should be communicated to the company as soon as possible for a solution or improvement.


For merchandise defects attributable to Muba, current European regulations apply.

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