Kid's Boutiques in Paris: Déco et Design

In the heart of the City of Light, Muba Bespoke has brought the Spanish essence to the vibrant Parisian scene, merging exceptional quality with innovative design.

Our search for kid's boutiques in Paris led us to discover an exceptional ally in Anders.

The Anders furniture store, synonymous with Parisian interior design, opens up the possibility for our collections of children's furniture to reach new levels of sophistication.

Boutique infantil en paris

Together, we share a passion for crafting quality bespoke furniture, becoming the perfect showcase for our creations in the city of art and fashion.

More than a store, it's an Interior Design Experience in Paris.

Our designs, infused with the warmth and charm of Spain, have found their place in Parisian homes.

The combination of Spanish craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and a focus on personalized design has captured the attention of those seeking more than just furniture; they seek a unique experience, status, and an emotional connection with their spaces.

Diseño de Habitaciones para niñas en Paris

3D Design: Transforming Ideas into Reality

At Muba Bespoke, we take the design experience a step further by providing advanced visual tools. We use 3D designs to allow parents and designers to visualize how the room will look before making final decisions.

This innovative technology ensures that every detail, from children's beds to desks, aligns perfectly with each customer's unique vision.

Diseño 3d de una habitación infantil

Decoration and Design for Children: The Essence of Muba Bespoke in Paris

We understand the importance of optimizing space without compromising style and, at the same time, protecting the environment.

Our trundle beds are meticulously designed to provide comfort and versatility, and for those looking to maximize vertical space, our bunk beds offer an elegant solution.

cama nido en paris

Buying Custom Furniture Tailored to Your Space

By designing bespoke furniture, we transform children's rooms into exclusive design masterpieces.

Whether you aim to infuse magic into your child's room or add a special touch to the youthful space, our furniture is meant to do more than just fill a space; it's meant to create lasting memories.

Join us on this unique journey, where Spanish charm merges with Parisian elegance. Explore the exclusive collection at Anders or browse our online store, where each furniture piece tells a story that resonates with the beauty of Paris.