How to choose the best mattress for children's beds

How to choose the best mattress for children is key to providing the well-being and quality of sleep they need. 

At Muba, we specialise in creating unique spaces for children and young people. When it comes to renovating the room of the little ones in the house, it is common to think about decoration, colours and theme. But there are two fundamental elements that you should not overlook: the mattress and the bed. 

Here we will give you more details on how to choose the best mattress for children , according to their age, stage of development and needs.

colchón para niños

What should you consider when choosing a children's mattress?

  • Resistance to impact and movement: The resilience of a mattress refers not only to its ability to withstand children's active play, but also to its ability to distribute weight and adapt to a child's growth.

  • Muscular history or chronic back problems: If your child has a history of muscular or musculoskeletal conditions, it may be wise to opt for a softer, more ergonomic mattress.

  • Mattress materials: Mattresses come in several varieties, such as spring mattresses (independent, continuous or pocket springs), latex (natural or synthetic) and memory foam. There are also mattresses with HR material or high resilience polyurethane. Each one has its own characteristics, and it is important to know them before making your choice.

  • Children's age: The choice of mattress depends on the age of the child. It is suggested to opt for a bed or bunk bed of at least one or one and a half squares, so that it will not be necessary to change the furniture or the mattress for several years.

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Mattresses for all ages:

Mattress for babies:

We know that at this stage, comfort and support are essential for safe sleep. Baby mattresses should be  hypoallergenic, firm and hygienic.

Since the newborn is in its first moments of life, it is crucial that it is kept on solid surfaces that prevent any sinking and prevent possible breathing difficulties caused by improper posture.

Mattress for children from 3 to 8 years old:

Children at this stage need a mattress that allows them to move freely and maintain a comfortable temperature. It is advisable to buy mattresses 90x190 cm or 90x200 cm long. Make sure that the mattress is adapted to their needs according to their weight. Ideally, viscoelastic materials should be used.

The ideal mattress for children should be resistant, firm and perfectly adjusted to the child's anatomy to ensure optimal rest. The most recommended materials continue to be natural latex and coconut fibre, as both offer the ideal combination of adaptability and firmness.

Mattress for children from 9 to 12 years old:

At this stage of growth and hormonal changes, it is important to have a viscoelastic mattress of 3 to 6 cm that offers firmness and resistance. 

The purchase of a new mattress for children aged 9 years and older should take into account the weight of the child in the future. Mattresses with floating springs can be a good option, as they are perfectly suited to the needs of this stage.



claves para elegir un colchón para jovenes


High Quality Bedding:

High quality bedding is important to complement the sleep experience and decorate your children's room. Although we don't sell bed linen, we recommend you look for soft cotton sheet sets, matching pillowcases and cheerful bedspreads in specialised shops. Although nowadays, you can use linen or cotton sheets, which are essential to create a comfortable and stimulating environment in your children's sleeping environment.

Custom-made Kids' Furniture:

At Muba, we offer a wide variety of precision-designed children's furniture built to the highest quality standards. Whether it's a comfortable bed that promotes restful sleep or a functional desk that encourages concentration, our furniture is designed to create a safe and comfortable space in your child's room.

  • Furniture trends: We are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends in children's furniture to bring you practical and fashionable options.

  • Safety first: All our furniture is designed with features that ensure a safe environment for your children.

By following all these tips and advice, you now have a complete guide to buying the best mattress for your children. Find the perfect match in our children's furniture shop and give them restful nights and energetic mornings.