How to make the ideal princess bedroom?

Princess rooms are the dream of many little girls and often a desire that accompanies them from an early age. Designed to transport little girls to a world of fairy tales and fantasy, these rooms are a space where magic and imagination intertwine.

In this article, we will explore how to create a princess room that fulfils all the wishes and expectations of your little royalty.

 Habitación cuento de hadas para niñas

Designing the Princess Kingdom

In a princess room, you can combine pastels and pinks, a very subtle way to bring colour into the bedroom. It's ideal to put up one of our customisable hanging boxes or a storyteller, so they can keep their stories and crowns close at hand. Adding a dressing table is an excellent option, we suggest a simple one, made up of a shelf, mirror and stool.

Take advantage of the window to put some containers with cushions and a blanket underneath, they will turn it into their favourite reading corner, and the containers will also help them to have all their toys and costumes at hand to play non-stop.

Growing up in such a magical space will help them to grow up happier

 Habitación de princesa

Princess Canopy Beds

A canopy is a must have to create a princess bedroom, our detachable canopy is perfect, it can be decorated with garlands of lights, making it a magical place.

 Dosel o Canopy para habitación de princesas

Fairytale Colours

Colours play a key role in creating a fairytale atmosphere. Soft and delicate tones, such as Sand and Palm, are ideal for walls and textiles. Consider using wallpaper with motifs of princesses, castles or magical elements.

Niña en habitación de princesa

Dream Textiles

Textiles play a crucial role in decorating the room. Add curtains, decorative cushions and bedding that incorporate princess designs or magical elements. A soft, fluffy rug in coordinating shades will provide a touch of comfort and warmth.

Unicorn Room: Charming Details

The details are what will really bring the princess room to life. And Unicorns are part of the magical world every little girl wants to be in, their adventurous companion and inseparable friend. 

Place tiaras, crowns and magic wands on shelves or on a decorative wall. And you can decorate with a unicorn piñata or a cuddly toy on the wall and she will be delighted with her room.


 Cuartos para niñas Bonitos de Unicornio

Play and reading area

Don't forget to create a cosy corner for play and reading. Put up bookshelves full of fairy tales and provide comfy cushions or chairs so your princess can immerse herself in her favourite worlds. Our beds are also a wonderful place for reading.

Cuentos para niñas habitación princesa

In short, creating a princess room is a unique opportunity to bring your daughter's dreams and imagination to life. With a combination of soft colours, charming little girl furniture and magical details, you can design a space that is truly special.

So what are you waiting for, make your little princess's dream come true with Muba Bespoke and start designing her own fairytale kingdom today!