Looking for your explorer "self" with Muba

Invite them to LIVE in a SAFARI

Being able to contemplate the African savannah, with all the respect that animal life deserves, is a privilege.
And what if you bring the explorer spirit to their bedroom?

We want to share with you this project created by the interior design studio
The Studio F&D, in Switzerland. In it, a LOFT BUNK BED becomes the center of operations for their dreams, games and illusions.

In this case, The Studio F&S has chosen an Off White Bunk Bed, including our 100% linen Tipi, which gives free rein to your imagination. With a wallpaper that invites us to travel to a remote part of Africa, any child will feel like Dr. Livingstone or even like Indiana Jones.

TREND ALERT: Professionals, decorators and interior designers often recognize neutral colors, and the entire range of earth tones, as a guarantee of success to prolong a decoration style over time. The client wants to invest in the long term, so trusting in light and raw colors is a surefire hit. Therefore, in a child's bedroom, if you are looking for a riskier color than OFF WHITE or SAVANNAH white, go for our SAFARI color. A child will grow into an adventurous teenager, and with him, his room will grow too. Take note: Where there is Tipi now, tomorrow there may be a custom-made desk, or a chill-out area for reading.