Best Halloween Bedroom Decor Ideas 2023

The most mysterious night of the year, the 31st of October, is approaching and, with it, the illusion of celebrating.

The little ones go out into the streets or parks, in different parts of the world, dressed up to ask for sweets and you hear those magic words: "sweet or trick", "trick-or-treat"; "Süß oder saueres", "un bonbon ou sort" or Doce ou travessura.

If you are one of those who are passionate about these mysterious and dark dates, you are probably looking for inspiration to transform a children's room into an authentic Halloween scene. To satisfy your desire for originality, here are some of the most creative and unique ideas for a truly exceptional Halloween decoration.


With our decorating ideas, a child's room will be filled with white magic and naive spells, while a teenager's room can indulge in some more creepy licenses. At Muba Bespoke we love celebrating Halloween. And you?

Rock, the most rebellious and daring colour, being young is often synonymous with daring. A teenager seeks his place in the world through experimentation and play. Trial and error is a way for them to get to know themselves and learn to identify what they like.

Betting on a strong colour in their room helps to build environments with personality while they live happily in a space that is different from others, full of style and a certain mystery.

Start by choosing a Halloween colour palette, such as orange, black and purple, and use it in bedding, curtains and cushions. These colours instantly evoke the festive mood.


This date is very special for children. Despite the fact that it is a scary time, the fact that they go looking for their sweets with their sweets and original costumes makes them love it. And what we are going to mention here will make you want to be a kid.

Colourful pumpkin and monster biscuits

A great option are biscuits decorated with monsters, witches or scarecrows, they look delicious and spooky. Kids will love to receive these sweets, you'll have to hide so they can't find you....

Glowing monster jars

Practical option to place in rooms if you can't have a carved pumpkin.

Decorated bottles and candy baskets

Recycle bottles and make a nice Halloween decoration. It gives an atmosphere like a Tim Burton movie and at the same time you contribute to the environment.


1. Light up the room with garlands and enchanted lights.

Hang Halloween-themed garlands and twinkling lights on the windows or around the room for a magical atmosphere.

2. Halloween Bedding and Pillowcases: Sweet Dreams
Swap your bed linen for sheets and pillowcases with Halloween designs, such as skulls, black cats or pumpkins.

3. Create a Magical Atmosphere with Themed Murals
You can create wall murals with pumpkin, ghost, witch or bat motifs. Another option is to use stickers that can be easily removed after Halloween.

4. Decorative Pumpkins: The Emblematic Symbol of Halloween
Place decorative pumpkins in the room. They can be real carved pumpkins or plastic pumpkins with LED lights or a light bulb inside.

5. Cobwebs, Ghosts and Curtains for a Spooky Touch
Drape cobwebby curtains around the windows for a spooky touch. You can also add fake cobwebs in the corners of the room. All you need is some white wool yarn, or take some old grey or white fabric and fray it until you can create a sort of spider web.

6. Haunted Mirrors: Mysterious Reflections in the Room
If you have a mirror in the room, add a decorative cover to give it a haunted or haunted look.

7. Halloween Night Projections and Visual Effects

Lightning isn't just for kids, it adds to a youthful atmosphere. Stars are not just for children either. It's time to create without prejudice.

From Muba Bespoke this is our bet for children's rooms on Halloween. Tell them Rock and they will go crazy. Fill the space with Rock & Magic and surround it with elements that speak the same language.