More than four decades worrying about your rest

We are a family company, led by Pepe, Marta and Carmen García Bravo, son and daughters of the founder who started this adventure in 1976 and who today run the company with a renewed spirit.

MUBA is a high-end children's and youth furniture company with a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Our collections are rooted in the tradition of well-made furniture that looks to the future. At Muba we plan, design, manufacture and sell an extensive collection with a wide range of contemporary accessories.

Marta y Carmen

Marta & Carmen García Bravo


The company's founder in 1976

We are inspired by the most important space in your life: the bedroom. We follow Bauhaus principles, but for us, rest comes after function. Our beds are recognisable at first glance, thanks to their clean lines and the quality of the materials used. Destined to become a favourite (because a bed is the centrepiece of a room), Muba allies itself with its customers by personalising every detail and adapting to their needs. We are a made-to-measure furniture brand and only in this way, working to order, do we ensure that we meet the sustainability criteria that are so in demand today. There is no stock, no waste... There is only care, values and family tradition.

We are specialists in creating balanced, functional, modern and tasteful children's and teenagers' rooms that adapt to the growth of children and teenagers.

We start from your needs and practice Muba-happiness, adapting with care to each client. We work with first class suppliers.

So, whoever enters Muba, leaves with a finished room!

Muba Kibuc
Muba Kids
Muba Kibuc kids

Reasons to trust Muba

  1. We produce in Europe, in proximity, and exclusively to order, making the most of all our resources and avoiding stock. At MUBA we work with children's safety in mind, collaborating with suppliers in Spain and Europe to help protect our planet.
  2. Premium quality in design and choice of materials.
  3. We offer you endless possibilities to customise to your exact needs and preferences.
  4. Guarantee and commitment to delivery times.
  5. We are present in more than 16 countries and have more than 300 points of sale in Europe and Spain. Find your nearest point of sale!


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