5 May 2022

Room must grow (and Muba Design tells you how)

Niños edades

If the child grows up, so does the room
(and it makes sense to do it every 7 years)


These are not measurements, they are ages! No room remains untouched. From baby changer and crib to a small bed, from toy storage to library, from play mat to study table... How long? The growth of children usually marks the need for change and it is professional studies that have come to the conclusion to mark as a reference the number 7, referring to the number of years that, approximately, can pass between one renovation and another. Take note.


Up to 7


From the age of three to seven, the child has abandoned absolute dependence and begins to define his or her tastes, although the essence of the decoration must still be childish. The child still needs a place to play and also storage alternatives to store so many toys. They still need a lot of fantasy around them, but also soft, harmonious colours that nurture creativity and calm. 



14 años


From 7 to 14 years old, children forge their character. This is the time to build their own library with a modular bookcase that will grow over time. A bunk bed or loft bed can make them feel like they are having an adventure every day in their room. They are about to stop being kids so let's give them the tools to dream while they can.





They will never study as much as they do from the age of 14 to 21, so it's time for everything to revolve around the study table. The colours of the room and the decorative elements will depend EXCLUSIVELY on the tastes of the teenager. It is their time, they must take control of their space.


From 21... onwards



At this stage they will still be at home, but their more mature version has made its presence felt. Neutral colours and a contemporary, contemporary style mean that they prefer more mature elements, finally appreciating order and calm balance.