18 January 2022

New Year, New Wood

Año Nuevo, madera Nueva

New year, NEW WOOD

We start the year with a new product. It's called Pancake and we are sure you will like it. It is a new finish in natural oak wood. With it, any project of children's or youth room will make the result much more rounded. Cozy and warm, pancake combines perfectly with Muba finishes (our 14 exclusive colors are still in our offer) and is the touch that was missing to add a plus to desks and teenagers' rooms. 

Oak is robust and more resistant to wear and tear, has a noble color and is totally versatile. That is why we believe that it will be of great help when it comes to projecting new ways of combining colors and projecting spaces.


PANCAKE can be included in: 

‣ Desktops (top and legs), bookshelves, cabinets and storytellers.

‣ Drawer fronts, drawer fronts, drawer fronts of chests.
‣ Chest lids, container lids.

‣ Plug and stick handles.

‣ Plain panels.

Contact us and we will give you a personalized explanation of all the uses and combinations of this new Pancake finish.