About us

We are a family business since 1976 creating and manufacturing rooms for kids and the youngest to fully grow and enjoy in the best environment. Our team is made up of exceptional people, full of creativity and with the clear objective of finding the best solution to the wishes of our customers. The new collection is inspired by our families and that imagination with the one our kids fill us with happiness.



What we do

Muba manufactures with individualized processes, selecting the best qualities and taking care of every single detail for every room to be unique.

  • Custom-made rooms.
  • Special colors and very cozy
  • Fun accessories.
  • Beautiful, practical and functional spaces.
  • Great quality, safety, technique and comfort.

We facilitate the creation of perfect spaces for our protagonists to find their identity and to develop happily in a unique and very personal environment. And our design is so authentic that the spaces will remain current throughout its growth.


José Antonio García Barajas started this wonderful adventure in 1976